Using state-of-the-art technology, we create a hybrid space which combines live performance & choreography with a virtual platform containing interactive virtual-tours, videos, pictures, music and text. Our Proposal is an artistic project that creates new formats of theatrical experience in a sustainable and innovative way using digital technologies.

Building a newly designed virtual access to a location, for example a theater allows us to bend the inherent concept of time and space of the traditional performance concept. We are going to digitalize different locations, where you will have access virtual galleries, where hybrid performances will be exhibited. 

The virtual tour is not just a presentation of the theatre space per se, but it simultaneously tells a story of the artistic content and artists themselves. Several live and/or recorded site specific dance performances in various indoor and outdoor spaces of the theatre building function as Gateways or portals in the virtual tour through which the viewer can navigate him-/herself throughout the tour. In combination with well designed video projections and visual imprints, the virtual tour exhibits the theatre as a virtual gallery that is living its own story. A viewer can visit the performance by purchasing either a Token or a NFT, that are all designed to align the specific theatre spaces and performance themes.

The implementation of technology such as Virtual Tour creates a whole new play between reality and fantasy in this HYBRID dance performance, that takes place parallel in physical location as well as in the virtual world. Uniting a team of professional performance artists, designers, musicians, programmes and others, the team unites artistic talent with a common goal to create a completely new format of experiencing a virtual theatre supported by a HYBRID performance. The use of the state-of-the-art technology (5K, Drones, 3D-Cameras, AR, Blockchain) consulted by artists in collaboration with Ars Electronica Center in Linz, elaborates our performance‘s technical execution on a very high level.




Reality versus Fantasy

The two ‚opponents‘ can often create tension or even conflict between an individual‘s experience in comparison to what is experienced by a mass of people (commonly more approved concept of reality or fantasy). But what are ‚real‘ and ‚illusory‘ exactly? Reality is based on the experiences of one’s individual cultural imprints. It is fluid. Lines between reality and fantasy are becoming increasingly blurred, which in our performance context can be understood as different holograms that are mobile in space and time; when these two overlap each other and melt into one, these different holograms are combined to form new worlds.

How can we recreate ourselves in the virtual world?

The artists represent four different realities in front of the audience allowing them to reflect these from their personal cultural context. The reconstruction of our identities in virtual context is examined. The new “AI”is seen like an “Alien I” that is neither a totally new unit from the “I” presented in ‚real‘ life nore a flat virtual copy of ourselves. The invisoned “Alien I”s are created through combining various mythological characters and animations, who like a gust of wind stir up the perception of the observer in order to challenge him to question his/her point of view about reality vs virtual reality.

This project is adaptable for short term live & HYBRID performances as well as
longer term presentations in virtual sphere.

Example of our test Virtual Tour Performances
REFLECT - PDF Proposal
Example of our videos
Example of our NFTs